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Our Facilities


Our store

Indulge & Enjoy

At the center of Vientiane, about a hundred meters away from the main road, is where our store is located. Escape from all the traffic, noises and stress, to our peaceful oasis. Spacious garden with traditional flowers and herbs, pay enough attention and you can even smell their aroma.

Treatment rooms

All private rooms

Take a break from your crazy and busy life and relax at our store. Our treatment rooms are designed for you to enjoy the experience by yourself or with your family and friends without interuption.



Rejuvenate Your Senses

Enjoy your little cup of herbal tea after treatments at this lobby. We display some Lao tradtional herbs here, feel free to take a look! (or maybe even a few pictures!)


Indulge & Enjoy

From the ancient times, hydrotherapy has been used to cure illness in people. Here we have several jacuzzi bath tubs available. Ease your everyday stress and fatigue - then feel more energized after the session.



Rejuvenate Your Senses

Unlike any other spa in Vientiane, our Sauna uses FIR (Far Infarred) System. Traditional Sauna heats the body by heating the air, our FIR Sauna heats the body by radiant energy - which warms the body both inside and out. It also can induce more sweat, with lower temparature, and is more effective in detoxifying toxins from the body.

Parking lot

Relax With Us

Our location is a little away from the main road, with spacious parking lot.

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